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Well, I'm stuck here in my office wondering if the snow we've had is going to prevent us all getting to our departmental Burn's supper tonight.
While I wait, and to avoid working, I thought I'd do this meme, here goes:

1. Which dead British monarch would you like to make out with?
James VI - the randy bisexual
2. What is the meaning of life?
Does it have one? Does it need one? We should do whatever we chose to do.
3. Which Asian alphabet is your favorite?
4. Which fictional character are you most like?
I'd like to be Scudder but i'm probably more Maurice!
6. Why is fake booze so much better than real booze?
It isn't. (and what is fake booze anyway? Synthetic alcohol?)
7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Edinburgh or Florence
8. What is your favorite book?
Great Expectations or Howards End (I'm being indecisive)
9. In musical terms, what does happiness sound like?
Copland's Appalachian Spring
10. Describe the ideal man.
Witty, charming, handsome, Celtic
11. What is your favorite foreign movie?
Hmm. Eat Drink Man Woman, Y Tu Mama Tambien or Todo Sobre mi Madre
12. And your favorite foreign movie director?
Ang Lee or Pedro Almodovar
13. Who is Shakespeare's best heroine?
Best in what sense? Perhaps Beatrice or Rosaline (in LLL)
14. What do you want to do with your life?
Live it, enjoy it
15. Who is your poet?
Shelley, I keep him locked up in a cupboard, you know.
16. Why aren't you a vegetarian?
because i like meat and have no moral qualms about eating dead animals.
17. Which is your favorite European capital?
Edinburgh or Den Haag (I count them both as capitals)
18. Which Chinese dish best describes your personality?
Rijsttafel - a bit of everything (OK so technically it's Dutch-indonesian)
19. Which historical figure were you in a past life?
No idea right now
20. What are your preferred ancient texts?
Mark's gospel and the song of songs
22. Which is your favorite ancient civilization?
Macedonian or Etruscan
23. What is love?
This needs more thought than a one line answer.
24. What is your favorite song to sing?
Nice work if you can get it
25. What is your preferred cuisine?
26. What is your favorite French novel?
Haven't read many; maybe Bonjour Tristesse
27. What role in a Shakespearean play would you like to perform?
King Lear of course!
28. What painting would you put up in your living room?
Something by Stanley Spenser or Miro
29. If you could drown in any body of water on the planet, which would you choose?
Wastwater in the Lakes
30. What is the most aesthetically pleasing geographical name on the planet?
Nether Wasdale (down the valley from above) or Achiltibuie.
31. Which fair animal is best?
Animals in circuses? Tut Tut!
32. Which African country is coolest?
No idea, South Africa logically speaking
33. Japan or China?
34. Which is your favorite non-Christian religion?
Can you have a favourite religion? Taoism
35. Which of Henry VIII's six wives do you like best?
Catherine Parr is the most intersting and most underrated
36. What is your favorite bad movie?
She's all that is terrible but I love it
37. What is your preferred literary movement?
38. Who is your favorite artist?
From various periods: El Greco, Van Dyck, Picasso
39. Who is your favorite composer?
John Adams
40. Which is your favorite European revolution?
Strange question. How about the "Glorious".
41. Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, or Queen Elizabeth I?
42. Which fictional character would you like to marry?
Scudder again, or Antonio from 12th night
43. What is your favorite brand of soap?
Who cares?
44. Who is your favorite British actor or actress?
No contest - Serena
45. Pick one: Spain, France, Italy, or Greece?
46. Which is your favorite desert?
well the Scottish highlands are fairly deserted...
47. Tea: herbal, green, or black?
green Japanese
48. What is your favorite poem?
Love song of J Alfred Prufrock or Whitsun Weddings
49. Where would you rather have lived: Babylon or Nineveh?
50. Which is the best Scandinavian country?
Denmark, but Iceland sounds very trendy.
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